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All In Love

screen print

Screen Print on Handmade Paper,



The concept of love transcends cultural boundaries and holds a timeless significance. Explored through the lens of humanism and essentialism, love is often seen as a symbol of free will—a force that allows individuals to choose between good and evil, even making profound sacrifices. Yet, delving into the nature of love prompts questions about the extent of our control over emotions. Is love genuinely a product of free will, or are external factors such as culture, societal values, early exposure to love stories, and mental well-being influential in shaping our experiences of love?


This artwork delves into the enchanting realm of love, depicting an actual Persian talisman of love alongside an illustration portraying individuals captivated by the talisman's magic. The composition is accompanied by a poem titled "My Beloved," which explores the patriarchal dimensions of love. Through this piece, the artist invites contemplation on the complexities of love, inviting viewers to ponder the intricate interplay of personal choice, cultural influences, and the mystical allure of this profound emotion.

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