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For Brave Girls

Cyanotype on Hand made Paper, 2018

Marzieh Ebrahimi, a young Iranian girl who is a victim of serial acid attacks in Isfahan, Iran. These attacks were carried out by Basij militia under the order of Isfahan’s Friday Imam.

cyanotype print of  ​Ameneh Bahrami
cyanotype print of Marzieh Ebrahimi

Ameneh Bahrami was blinded in both eyes after having acid hurled in her face by a university classmate when she repeatedly spurned his offer of marriage.

Soheila Jorkesh is one of the victims of the Isfahan acid attacks in 2014. At least one woman out of 25 victims were killed in the attacks, and Soheila lost her left eye’s sight.​

cyanotype print of Soheila Jorkesh
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