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Tools For Mixing Ghosts

a kaleidoscope

Three custom-made kaleidoscopes facing a container full of liquid and negatives, which create mesmerizing patterns when the container is rotated.

Tools for Mixing Ghosts was originally a sculptural piece meant for viewer interaction.

Three custom-made kaleidoscopes facing a container filled with liquid and negatives. The negatives are all images of places where massacres took place from WWII to the present. The viewer is meant to rotate the kaleidoscopes through the images, turning their violent histories into patterns.

Because of COVID-19, I could not present the work as intended to be touched in person, so I created a kaleidoscope that I could attach to my phone camera and made a video from the kaleidoscopes' performance. The Audio features prayers and poems created from the massacre sites.

Mirrors, copper, glass sphere, archive negatives. 2020


a kaleidoscope

These are stories of places that have witnessed massacres, told through archived photos; broken down and layered by the optical qualities of the kaleidoscope.

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