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Weaving Strings of Grief

Weaving strings of grief exhibited at uc berkeley

Weaving Strings of Grief is a collaborative installation with Katayoun Bahrami. The piece is a fiber-based artwork created in response to the sociopolitical circumstances in Iran.


This installation pays tribute to the resilience of Iranian women and those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom. The artwork was transformed through the collective effort of the audience. Each deconstruction became an act of defiance, a thread unraveled from the fabric of oppression. And in the act of weaving and reconstructing, new patterns of resilience and resistance were born.


The installation stands as a symbol of the power that lies within the hands of those who dare to challenge the status quo, inviting contemplation and reflection upon the intertwining threads of womanhood, life, and the desire for freedom.

May the threads of empathy and understanding be woven into your own consciousness, and may you carry the stories of these courageous women in your heart.

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