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Put your title here installation piece

Archive newspaper, Glue, Pigment, Cyanotype. 2019

Perhaps the Iranian revolution in 1979 was one of the most embarrassing failed revolutions in history. We sacrificed lots of people, money, and country resources to gain freedom, but we achieved "Nothing."

"Nothing" was the only word that the leader of the revolution, Ruhollah Khomeini, responded when Journalist Peter Jennings asked him how he felt about returning to Iran after fifteen years and that Nothing still hurts the hearts of a lot of Iranians.


Witnessing the life of people who lived at that time, those who died, who got killed, who ran away, who celebrated, who mourned. I’m witnessing my city, my favorite streets, my favorite places. I’m living day by day with all of them; I’m layering, removing, covering, scratching, reviewing all those people and events, page by page, through newspaper archives. I’m not their enemy, nor a friend. 

I’m not investigating the cause of the revolution; I’m not a historian, and neither am I answering those questions about people’s behavior during the revolution or how such a large portion of ordinary people whose lives were basically to enjoy their time with their families in peace, suddenly were convinced that it is the right thing to beat their fellow citizens, cut off their hands, or hang them.

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