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Weaving strings of grief  by narges poursadeqi exhibited in a gallery

A tribute to the resilience of Iranian women and those who have lost their lives fighting for freedom.

To articulate what is past does not mean to recognize “how it really was.” It means to take control of a memory as it flashes in a moment of danger. --Walter Benjamin

Fragile memories_still shot!.jpg

A series of ghost memories; a desire to access is whatforgotten.

alternative photograph of a girl
video being played at the salesforce tower in san francisco

Video transformation from 1960's

San Francisco archive video. 

These are stories of places that have witnessed massacres, told through archived photos; broken down and layered by the optical qualities of the kaleidoscope.

kaleidoscope visual

This is not just a machine to entertain you. It's a trap. it will record your memory and play it back to you over and over again.

papier mache sculpture of a magic lantern
reel viewer

Sergeant Garcia was drunk while we secretly watched Esmeralda dance. The moral police were searching every corner of the streets to find her as we, trying to keep her hidden, relayed her on to the next person...

...and that "Nothing" still hurts the hearts of a lot of Iranians.

art piece by narges poursadeqi named put your title here

Her heart turned to stone, shattered to pieces under her feet.

cyanotype print of a girl stoned to death by religious fanatics
Marzieh Ebrahimi.jpg

Girls targeted by serial acid attacks carried out by the Basij militia in Isfahan, Iran.

The 16 year old Sahar Gul was imprisoned, tortured, and abused by her husband and his family for several months...


The problem of love is universal. The classic humanist and essentialist definitions of love portray it as the symbol of human free will. For love, one can choose to do evil or make the greatest of sacrifices. But is it really free will?

print of an ancient persian love talisman
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